Thursday May 25th: Oneness with God – A Unifying Spirit
May 25, 2023
Friday May 26th: Second Chances
May 26, 2023

Poem: Called by Holiness

By Michelle Lee

Are we aware of the altars we build over our children?Have we stopped believing that they are a gift from Heaven?

With harsh words and discouraging comments
Of course, they will seek contentment

Innocent they all are, learning from our teachings
Could we say, “Little one, you are such a blessing?”.

I am sorry too for what was not told
Only the word of God should have unfold

But first,  do we know why we were sent?
An original from God, one to represent

An hour, we may give the Lord on a Sunday
Is it enough to cancel out the evils that roam everyday

Where are our tools of survival emanating from?
Please don’t say the world, and succumb

Wouldn’t it be easier for a child to follow a parent
If the love being received was apparent

Jesus came as a carpenter for us to see
Despite who we are now a king, we can be

Love, Comfort, security and acceptance, we all long for
What about Jesus,
Is there someone who can give us more?

Here are a few promises for you to read.
Matthew: 1:21 Jesus is the saviour indeed

Mark1 #2:34: Jesus is the healer- Are you unsure?
John 8:36; Jesus is the Liberator don’t ignore

Luke 18:36 Jesus is the God of Mercy, Amen!
For if we repent we can be forgiven

Our strength my friends, we can not depend
For cut off from God we’ll come to an end

We have to answer for what we are entrusted
So think! Are his children to be mistreated?