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May 23, 2023
Wednesday May 24th: Secure in His love
May 24, 2023

Mother’s Day cards for prisoners moms

This Mother’s Day, 230 moms received cards from their sons incarcerated at select prisons.

The Social Justice Ministry of the St Joseph and Mt D’or RC Parish in St Joseph adopted this mission as one of their projects for 2023, in an effort to answer the call for Communion, Participation and Mission issued by our synodical Universal Church.

Our parish was asked to donate cards which the prisoners would send to their mothers for the May 14 Mother’s Day celebration. That call was answered resoundingly and enthusiastically!

The result of which was visible by the considerable number of cards received – some even being handmade! Beautiful, colourful, and tear-jerking cards.

We, the Social Justice Ministry say thank you – thank you to our community of St Joseph, for their continued and unstinting love and generosity towards the needs of others.

To the prison personnel and the prisoners, thank you for allowing us to be part of yours and your family’s lives. We hope this initiative will help plant a seed for the re-humanisation of inmates in preparation for their return to society.

May God continue to bless you and guide all our lives as we try to create holy moments in our everyday life.