#KeepingTheFaith: David Huggins, an amputee, hosts fundraising concert for eye surgery
May 20, 2023
Monday May 22nd: The Holy Spirit Courage!
May 22, 2023

Sunday May 21st: Make Disciples of all the Nations

Ascension of our Lord

“I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”

Matthew 28:16-20

Through our baptism we became missionaries for God, and we have the promise of God to be with us always. Jesus gave the disciples a mission to make disciples of all nations and by extension, we are all commissioned to do the same. The Ascension is the time when Jesus gives us full authority to take charge of his mission, promising to be with us to the end.

Discipleship is the most critical work in our church, and we should ask ourselves, “What is my role in discipleship?’’ Fear and doubt prevent us from falling down before Jesus; often we hesitate to plunge ourselves into what Jesus is asking of us. Our mission is not only direct faith-based work or preaching in sacred places. It is imperative that our church be authentic and willing to preach the word of God with the same authority by which it was given.

Our fundamental identity as Christians is to preach the message of Jesus Christ. If we profess Christ, we must also proclaim Christ.

Let us all proclaim: Lord, we trust in your promise that you will be with us always.