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May 18, 2023
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May 18, 2023

Poem: No to pornography

By Michelle Lee

It starts slow and steady.

Weakening the mind and body.

We are clueless about what’s beyond!

The unclean spirits introduce their fun.

Yes, the restless and roaming dead take over….

Ruining what God joined together.

The human eyes are blinded.

Physically and spiritually misguided.

The unclean spirits inhabit restless and moralless places.

What are we allowing in our home and office spaces?

Confused we become,

Until the unclean brings us down

And demoralizes all our loved ones.

Porn activates similar pleasure circuits in the brain

As alcohol and heroin.


The spirits call day and night…

“Feed me now, I need to delight!”

Everyone becomes an object.

Character depletes, mistakes heightened,

Sickness piled on, family divided, confusion,

Secrecy, disrespect, and soon total destruction.

Is that really fun?

No…it is a lack of self-validation.

The effects of childhood trauma are now known,

Resulting in oppression because verbal abuse was sown.

Was God’s love revealed?

Remember, only with Christ, can we be healed.

Do as I say, this empowers a soul…

For one who needs to fight for control.

Emotions become steered by others, if there is no goal.

God is the choice to break free from this hold.