Monday May 8th: Pass it on
May 8, 2023
Wednesday May 10th: Jesus, the true vine
May 10, 2023

Tuesday May 9th: Jesus, the Prophet

…They will see for themselves the revelation of the truth….

John 14:27-31

Jesus, as Prophet, says to His disciples ‘I have told you this now before it happens so that when it does happen you may believe.’ His Word to His disciples means a great deal to them because they have journeyed closely with Him for years and have gotten to know the solidity of His words and the person of Jesus.
So, when He says, “I have told you this,” that means a lot to his disciples. Jesus is telling them ‘now,’ ‘before it happens,’ so that in the future ‘when it does happen’ they will ‘believe’ because they will see the evidence of all that He said. This will validate for them the message of Jesus, His Word, and the truth of His very self. This is the ‘Peace’ He ‘bequeaths’ to them. They receive this gift of Peace after Jesus is gone, when they will see for themselves the revelation of the truth of His word and promises.
May I carry your Peace as I hearken to your call, ‘Come now, let us go’.