Sunday May 7th: “Do Not Let You Hearts Be Troubled”
May 7, 2023
Tuesday May 9th: Jesus, the Prophet
May 9, 2023

Monday May 8th: Pass it on

‘Anybody who loves me will be loved by my Father.’

 John 14: 21-26

In today’s gospel, Jesus stresses on the importance of love. He says that if we love him, we will be loved by his Father. We know that when we truly love someone, we listen to them.

In life what we have learnt has been passed on to us by our parents whom we love. If we do not love them, we do not listen to them. In turn, what we have learnt we too pass on to our children and if they love us, they follow what we have taught them.

This is the experience that Jesus is telling us about, an experience that should be familiar to us. Thus, if we love him, we show this by following what he has taught us and his Father will love us too.

Lord, teach us to love you.