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May 3, 2023
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May 4, 2023

Thursday May 4th: Surely not I, Lord!

“The sin you refuse to forsake is your thirty pieces of silver.”

John 13: 16-20

He who has shared my bread has turned against Me.
I share in Your Eucharistic banquet at least once a week Lord, what is the one thing that I hold on to? That one sin, the one bad habit that I overlook, justify, excuse, refuse to give up? I scorn Judas for having betrayed You, yet am I different from Judas in my refusal to forsake my sin?
Lord, as I journey from Your Passion to Your Resurrection to Pentecost, may Your grace be upon me. May Your Divine Mercy penetrate to my very depths, shedding light into my unconscious, so I may desire to do Your Will above all else; and having accepted Your Love, I accept Your Spirit of Truth who leads me to the Father.
Make Your home in me Lord, so I may be blessed by You and my joy may be complete- this is Your Will for me.