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May 4, 2023
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May 5, 2023


By Oneika Bushell

Contagion…It’s not a word we like to hear at any time as it has a definite negative meaning. It’s also not something we tread lightly with anymore especially in these Covid times. There is actually a movie called Contagion that seemed to be making the rounds on TV in those early Covid lockdown days.

While we take the usual precautions to avoid getting physically sick, the contagion I’m referring to are the little things we do knowingly and unknowingly that ‘infect’ us or could make us sick SPIRITUALLY. Our daily bad habits that we think nothing of but are in fact whittling away at our spiritual Immunity. Here I outline some easily identifiable ways we contaminate ourselves.

We all had those days when would we jump straight to the horoscope section in the newspaper or Google signs compatible with ours in our search for love. This is a no no and relies on divination which is not of God. We should instead look to Him for guidance and inspiration and not think we are influenced by the planet we are born under.

What about the shows we watch on TV or the music we listen to? What are the kinds of images and thoughts that come into our minds when engaging in these forms of entertainment? Is it uplifting to God or helps you draw closer to Him? I was a huge Game of Thrones fan in years past but I decided to skip its new iteration of House of the Dragon this time as I have a new awareness where these kinds of shows are concerned. They tend to inculcate subtle introductions to witchcraft and pornography.

We should also consider assessing the people we hang with or give our energy to. Are they spiritually dead or indifferent? How are you growing through your interactions with them? They are sometimes doing things that could contaminate you by just being around them. Take an inventory of your circle and determine a way forward.

Also consider if YOU are spiritually dead? No prayer life, visits to church, no almsgiving? What about the behaviours you engage in? Is it uplifting to God?

And lastly, consider the literal words that come out of your mouth. Are they words that speak life or is there a constant gnashing, grinding of teeth and complaints about the problems in our lives? Do we cuss at every bad drive we get or pothole we drive into? Do we speak blessings on our lives and those around us?

We need to take a hard and serious look at our lifestyle, choices and habits. These things ultimately delay or block our blessings.

My prayer is that we all move towards a greater awareness of the little tricks the devil uses daily to derail us and contaminate our souls.