Stay under the cross
May 2, 2023
The First Communion journey – a parent’s perspective
May 3, 2023

Wednesday May 3rd: In the Name of Jesus

What is Jesus telling me?

John 14: 6 – 14

This Gospel always makes me feel like Super-Woman. I then realize that I am not Super-Woman. I cannot raise the dead or heal the lepers and paraplegics.
What is Jesus actually telling me? This is another one of the Gospels that confuses me.
This is my Theology Lesson. This is my takeaway from today’s Gospel. God The Father is in Jesus and God The Son is in The Father. I understand two of the Three Persons of The Holy Trinity. I believe and I trust that Jesus and God The Father are one.
How, exactly does Jesus expect me, to not only do what He did on earth, but “to perform even greater works?” I know that if there were psychiatrists in His time, Jesus would be committed to the nearest mental institution.
I pray that I behave in such a manner that demonstrates that God’s Holy Spirit lives in me.