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May 1, 2023
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May 2, 2023

Tuesday May 2nd: Who is Jesus?

The Father and I are one

John 10; 22-30

It is interesting that where today’s gospel passage is being preached is the “Porch of Judgment.” From here the king would exercise justice. It is as if to say that in knowing God, justice must be practiced. Jesus was addressing the issue of identity demonstrating that He was the Messiah. However, despite all He was doing, doubt existed in the minds of the people around Him.
This is true for each one of us. Faith and doubt seem to go together. I am sure we can recall experiencing this in challenging moments. Nevertheless, we do believe in His Grace and Presence.
We can gather from today’s gospel that with faith there is doubt, but God is always present. On our part we must exercise justice. We must also know that Jesus and the Father are one, therefore all His actions are sanctioned by God.
Let us then listen to His voice, recall his faithfulness, and bring hope to one another by encouraging a relationship with God who is merciful and helpful.