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May 2, 2023
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May 2, 2023

God is counting on us’ – Nuncio at La Divina Pastora

By Kaelanne Jordan, mediarelations.camsel@catholictt.org

To let yourself be touched by the words of Mary in ‘The Magnificat’ can be a “dangerous activity”.

“No, the Virgin Mary also shouts to us, invites us to become aware that, just like her, the Lord has called us, has visited us, has told us that He needs us and has entrusted us with a task. And this should rejoice us, proclaim His greatness and wonders and excite us because the Lord is not ashamed of us.”

So said Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency Santiago de Wit Guzman in his homily for La Divina Pastora. The Archbishop celebrated the patronal Feast Day and procession with Holy Mass on Good Shepherd Sunday (the fourth Sunday of Easter), Sunday, April 30 at the La Divina Pastora RC Church, Siparia.

The Archbishop explained by entrusting His people to His mother, the Lord not only gives His reference and His first teacher in the faith but opens the door for faithful to discover  the silent and marvellous role the Virgin had in the life of Our Saviour, and should also have in the lives of all faithful.

“Because like her, she was a model for her Son…. And now in the light of her Risen Son, we understand in a new way that this love that the Lord showed through Mary, that same love is the one He professes for each one of us,” Archbishop de Wit Guzman said.

The Archbishop added that La Divina Pastora reminds that the Lord loves all even if it is “hard” to understand or imagine a spatial relationship with the Lord. He highlighted that even in “littleness”, the Lord maintains His love.

“We don’t believe that we matter that much to Him or that we have the necessary qualities to carry out important missions, or that we have something to contribute to offer to the world around us. We don’t want that responsibility in our life because it seems excessive for our poor condition,” the Archbishop commented.

He however underscored that, like Mary, faithful ought to contemplate the questions: ‘What do You want from me, Lord?’, ‘What do you expect from me?’, ‘What can I give You?’, ‘What do You need from me?’, ‘What do You need from what I have?’.

It is this way, Archbishop de Wit Guzman explained, lives, families, relationships with others, parish communities, illuminated by the Word of the Lord should become a place of encounter, reconciliation, and healing.

Mary was able to understand God’s call on her life because she was part of the people of Israel educated in the faith by Abraham. Mary shared the hope of salvation that encouraged and sustained the people of Israel in the difficult “historical situation”.

Referring to the ongoing synodal journey, Archbishop de Wit Guzman commented that the Church has opened “an intense process” of prayer and discernment.

“She wants to read the signs of the times and enlightened by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, she seeks the best way to also respond to the demands that our world placed to her. With the awareness that it is everyone’s task to face this challenge that we are all active members of the Church and that only through dialogue and the ability to listen to each other can we give reason for our faith and hope in the midst of our world.”

This, the Archbishop said, is never easy. He commented that the hostility and indifference with which the world responds to those who preach the gospel forces faithful to seek the best way to build bridges to make meeting and dialogue possible, and reflect on what the Church should be changed to be better and more credible witnesses of God’s love.

On a personal and community level, Archbishop de Wit Guzman invited faithful to find ways to help overcome what divides, confronts, what prevents faithful from recognising themselves as children of God.

Being witness to God’s mercy and proclaiming that only the love of God heals and offering oneself to God are the only things that can fulfil faithful.