Wednesday April 27th: God so loved…..
April 27, 2023
BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat causes suspension of classes across Trinidad
April 28, 2023

Friday April 28th: A life-giving offer

The Jews were arguing among themselves and saying, “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” Jesus was offering them a thing which the Law prohibited.

John 6: 52 – 59

Jesus offering His Body and Blood as Eucharistic food follows a new law, the law of love. The Eucharist is Jesus’ self-offering. It is His personal sacrifice for those He loves. His Body and His Blood are real food for those who believe.

The Eucharist is not trivial or nonsensical. It is essential to the life of every person who believes in Jesus and accepts his sacrifice. The faith community welcomes the Eucharist and looks forward to it every time.

The reading highlights the effects of the Eucharist among the followers of Jesus, namely, it is life, and it gives life. Without Jesus we have no life. It is so important that we attend Mass and receive the Eucharist. Nothing ought to stand in the way of our attendance and participation in the Eucharistic celebration. Our lives depend on it.