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April 27, 2023
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April 27, 2023

Life after the pain

By Stephanie Rattan

A popular preacher once said that women are natural nurturers, and this applies to pain as well because I believe that everyone reading this article has experienced some form of heartache, heartbreak, or trauma from relationships. This article is written for anyone going through relationship trauma or dealing with grief from a broken relationship.

You may not believe this right now, but life does not end when a relationship does. Two years ago, a toxic relationship ended for me, and I was uncertain how I would move on and from the pain.

I knew that if I didn’t seek spiritual counsel, I would replay the narrative continuously in my mind and remain stuck. The year was 2020.

In retrospect, I am thankful that this happened during Covid-19 so I could have the space and time to heal. I tried to attend virtually and in-person any healing session that the Church offered, such as the Life in the Spirit Seminar, Original Pain Therapy, and other growth and prayer sessions.

I knew that it was only as I drew closer to God that I would heal through the emotional hurt. Many days, I blamed myself and other days I fought strongly to lean into the Lord’s help and comfort.

I remember one day in church, shortly after my then boyfriend confessed to being unfaithful, I desperately cried out to the Lord to take away the pain I felt. A hurt so deep there was absolutely nothing I could do to ease except believe that time would heal.

Then the Lord showed me a vision of a heart that was huge and filled with the most beautiful colours, and to the bottom I saw there was my heart resting inside the bigger heart.

In clear words I felt the Lord saying that there was no pain that I would experience in this life that His heart would not be able to carry. At that moment, my heartbreak became lighter and a couple of years later, I decided to paint the image I saw that night so others would know and remember that healing from heartbreak is possible.

I pray that this image may bless other hearts too and be a sign of blessing to you as it has been for me.