Getting to Know Series: Barbara Lake – Managing Director, Liturgical Commission
April 22, 2023
Monday April 24th: “Seeking out” Jesus
April 24, 2023

Sunday April 23rd: On the road

Walk with me Oh My God.

Luke 24: 13-35

Let your words burn into my heart and transform my darkest night into the brightest day.

If you meet a fork in the road; Wait. Then take the ‘Road to Emmaus’ and you will never walk alone.

Walk. Just walk. The Lord will appear. He comes to walkers because walkers always on a journey, a pilgrimage, always on a move to find another place, a more suitable place, a place where God dwells. A better place from where to look for God: a richer angle; a nobler stance; a more revealing posture. To be close. To be up and personal there is no place like ‘walking with the Lord.’

Walkers don’t stay put; they enter other people’s territory; they elicit people’s generosity; ‘Morning neighbour morning’; they help others to be spiritually attuned and innovative.

Just walk until you find your rhythm; then go further until you find God’s rhythm. When your heart starts to burn within you; then, you know the Lord is near. Keep on walking.