Tuesday April 18th: The Wind
April 18, 2023
A Buccoo lesson
April 19, 2023

Wednesday April 19th: Jesus came to save the world, not condemn it

“Whoever lives the truth comes to the light”

John 3:16-21

Many times, we are afraid of using our gifts and talents, especially in the Church, because we do not want people to think that we are ‘showing up ourselves’. We need to honour two things in our lives. Firstly, God created us with a purpose and gave us the gifts for the purpose; and secondly God wants us to participate in the redemptive work He is continuously doing.

This is belief in Jesus. This is how eternal life begins even here and now. Jesus came because he loves us, and he wants us to live in the light with him.

Lord Jesus may our lives shine out in honour of you and your salvific work you did and continue to do. Amen.