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April 19, 2023
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April 19, 2023

St Joseph First Communion classes get active

On Saturday, March 18, the First Communion classes and catechists of the St Joseph Parish, St Joseph, went on a retreat at the St Xavier’s Private School in St Joseph. The retreat was conducted by Sr Siobhan Burroughs OP. The topics delivered were the ‘Corporal Works of Mercy’, the ‘Spiritual Works of Mercy’, and ‘St Joseph’, whose feast day was the following day (March 19). The boys and girls enjoyed all the activities given. The day was well spent.

A week later, Saturday 25, the 36 First Communion candidates were taken outdoors. They did the Stations of the Cross for Children for the first time. This was done on Calvary Hill, St Joseph. They all participated in various prayers. It was a rewarding and memorable experience for them. —Lynette Taitt, First Communion Coordinator