Sunday April 16th: Peace be with you
April 16, 2023
SJC Scholarship winner tells secrets to success: faith, family and tutelage
April 17, 2023

Monday April 17th: Born Again

“How can a man be born when he is old?”

John 3:1-8

At age 14 I began attending the Catholic Church and I became the most devoted believer. I even contemplated religious life. My devotion to Jesus was astounding. You could see my light shining from a distance.
Life, pain, anger … so much happened over the last 30 years, I lost my zest. I got beaten down 100 times and every time I came out of a fight my desire to shine became less. I conceded to the darkness. I thought God let the devil win, but the truth is, I gave up. I was lost and felt alone. No one saw me dying.
Then I did a Life in the Spirit seminar. Imagine, knocking on the door of 50 and having to re-ignite my love for God again; looking at life with new eyes, seeing Jesus in everything, even the sad and bad moments. It was hard. But it was also beautiful.
If you find yourself in a dark place, today seek out new ways to encounter Christ. Miracles are waiting to happen.