Questions for Minister Young during school visit
April 14, 2023
Sunday April 16th: Peace be with you
April 16, 2023

Saturday April 15th: Living in hope

“… Go out to the whole world; and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:9-15

The apostles had witnessed the betrayal, beatings, torture, and the horrible murder of their beloved leader, Jesus. They were dejected, despondent and totally broken. So, when Mary of Magdala and two disciples told them they had seen Jesus alive, they refused to believe them. It was only when Jesus himself appeared to them, while they were gathered at table, that they finally believed.
Although Jesus reprimanded them for their unbelief, he gave them the opportunity to rise above their failings, to resurrect from the negativity: “Go out to the whole world”, he said, “and preach the gospel to all creation.”
We too experience resurrection moments when we rise above abusive relationships, discrimination, injustice, grief, power-hungry leadership. We are often moved to go out to the whole world preaching the good news of resurrection to all creation.
Lord, help us to believe it is possible to rise above negativity and to share this journey with others. Amen.