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April 13, 2023
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April 14, 2023

Poem: Pity Party

By Michelle Lee

Pity Party, Yes enjoyment for an unwelcome guest.

Who is the person or thing? The devil himself, a pest.

What a fool we have been to allow a torment like this.

To hinder our living and cause us to be remiss.


Think about a leech latched on to your skin,

Sucking the blood out of your veins, keeping you weak and in disdain.

Pity Party, is simple to unravel, do you know what it is?

My friends, it is when we cry on the devil’s shoulder, yes, his!


An analogy of a person in prison, with a lifelong stain of mental pain.

Do we want to be paralysed like this, in every season and complain? No! Break the shackles, drop the sadness, and regain your consciousness.

God is our father, He freed us from bondage and paid the price for our Godlessness.


Chant the praise for another victory won, the devil’s plan has been exposed.

Now you see, what God reveals He heals and how much love He bestows.

A beautiful feeling when we align ourselves with God’s mingling.

Pity Party, your time is up, get out of here and stop strangling, God’s word is sprinkling.