Tuesday April 11th: Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
April 11, 2023
Thursday April 13th: Mind-Opening Faith
April 13, 2023

Wednesday April 12th: Faith, not fear

“And it happened that as they were talking together and discussing it. Jesus himself came up and walked by their side.”

Luke 24: 13-35The crucifixion of Jesus was most likely the topic of discussion all over Jerusalem. And that is not surprising because we tend to discuss things we don’t understand, trying to make sense of it.  The One whom they had hoped would save Israel had been crucified. Now the women were saying that He was not in the tomb.They were in a state of panic and confusion not knowing what to believe. So, instead they tried to reason out what had happened, forgetting what they had seen and heard when they were with Jesus, as well as what the prophets had foretold about the Christ.

So, we see Jesus again rebuking them for their lack of faith as he did during the calming of the storm, and on many other occasions when panic caused his disciples to lose faith.Father, as we go through challenging times let our faith conquer our fears. Let us rely on your promises and remember You are the same God yesterday today and forever. Amen.