Sunday April 9th: Come running with Peter
April 9, 2023
Tuesday April 11th: Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
April 11, 2023

Monday April 10th: Choosing Awe and Joy

Jesus will meet us on the way….

Matthew 28:8-15

All the soldiers witnessed the rolling away of the stone and were shaken by this experience. We are told, however, that ‘some’ of the soldiers went off to the city to tell the chief priests all that had happened. A false story was concocted, agreed upon and the guards were paid off to stick to the story and to hide the truth of the resurrected Christ. The other guards were not a part of this betrayal. Perhaps they chose differently.
The way in which the women chose to receive the same truth of the resurrected Christ, is in direct contrast to the betraying soldiers. The women were ‘filled with awe and great joy’! They ‘ran’ to tell the disciples the truth of all they had heard, and their choice paid off, in that, they met Jesus Himself, on the way!
Let us also choose awe and joy in the truth of the Easter story! Jesus will meet us on the way with his special greeting for each of us!!!