Friday April 7th: This garden: A place of healing and restoration
April 7, 2023
Sunday April 9th: Come running with Peter
April 9, 2023

Saturday April 8th: Filled with awe and great joy

Gloria Saturday

‘He has risen from the dead…’

Matthew 28: 1-10

Today’s gospel tells of one of the most intriguing events in the life of Jesus. The description of the angel appearing, ‘His face was like lightning, his robe white as snow’, reminds us of the Transfiguration. It seems to tell us that once again Jesus is transfigured and when we see him, he will be in a new form.

There are times in our life when we embark upon a life-changing project, like a career and we are preparing for our final exams; our hopes are entombed, for we are not sure of success. When we get our results, however, and we are successful, like the women, we are, ‘filled with awe and great joy’. A voice within us encourages us to share this joy with our friends. We were entombed and now we experience new life.

Lord, we thank you for the joy of success. We believed and we have risen