Perished in a fire: A Tribute to Zaya
April 4, 2023
New life demands going out
April 5, 2023

Wednesday April 5th: Salvifici Doloris

Rejection of Jesus’ salvific sacrifice – True betrayal

Mathew 26:14-25

Jesus knew that all but John would run away, and that Peter will deny Him shortly. He knew they were impetuous and self-seeking. Yet He considered them all clean and counted none of these weaknesses as betrayals; only Judas- the Betrayer! Why Lord?
Judas’s betrayal was the rejection of God’s Love. God’s Love was evident by His stripping and assuming the condition of a slave to save man, that is, to restore the union of God and man that once existed before sin came into the world. God’s Incarnation and humiliation; His salvific suffering meant nothing to Judas. It was a willing, conscious rejection of God Himself.
Woe to Judas! Woe to those who reject God! The absence of God is eternal oblivion as nothing can exist outside of God.
May our suffering in union with the Cross of Christ save souls. Stabat Mater, pray for us. Amen.