Friday March 31st: Public Witness
March 31, 2023
Sunday April 2nd: Ever at His Side
April 2, 2023

Saturday April 1st: Discernment

He did not speak in his own person; it was as high priest he made this prophecy

John 11: 45 – 56

I was touched by this line in today’s gospel as it comes close to a question I’ve been struggling with lately.

Being recently introduced to the surrender novena, on one hand has brought me significant peace, while on the other makes me question whether the ideas I have in time of worry or difficulty is what God is leading me to do or if I’m still trying to fix it myself.

The distinction in today’s gospel is really important as it lends further evidence to the fact that this is God’s will. For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son (John 3:16).

The distinction is just as important in our daily lives to ensure we live as God has called us.

I pray for the gift of discernment so that I may always do God’s will.