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March 29, 2023
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March 30, 2023

Thursday March 30th: Seek to Understand the Great I AM

“Whoever keeps my word will never see death.”

John 8:51-59

“Who are you claiming to be?” they asked Him. “Are you greater than our father Abraham?” Jesus answered them, “…before Abraham ever was, I Am.” What a bold and awe-inspiring statement! Jesus claims both pre-existence and to be one with God. I AM. Timeless, loving, all powerful.

The Jews questioned Jesus because they could not understand Him. We too are often filled with questions.

– Lord, can you cure me of my illnesses?

I Am the one who heals.

– I struggle to make ends meet, will you help me?

I Am your provider.

– What does the future hold? I fear what I do not know.

I Am your all seeing and all-knowing guide.

– Will you cleanse me of my sin and shame and bring me to eternal life?

I Am your Saviour.

As we journey through these last few days of Lent, let the answers move us toward a fuller understanding of God’s omnipotence in our lives.

Guide us Lord to the inheritance you have promised. Amen.