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March 28, 2023
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March 29, 2023

Wednesday March 29th: No longer slaves

“If the Son sets you free you will indeed be free!”

John 8: 31-42

This forty-day journey shall not leave us in shackles,
Walking singly or marking time in chain-gangs.
Clickety clang, clickety clang.
Jesus says that the truth shall set us free,
Free from habits stuck to us like laglee;
And vices entrenched so deeply
They have become our reality.

If we make our home in the Word and it lives in us,
Then the truth of the Word would surely free us .
We were reminded in our Sunday liturgies so far,
How to withstand the wiles of the tempter,
And how a mountaintop experience
Reveals the glory of Christ our Saviour.

We witnessed how a divine encounter,
And the promise of living water
Can transform lives, forever.
Blindness from birth was cured
And total sight restored.
We see the case of Lazarus, his friend
Who had a chance to live again.

Yes, the truth of the Word sets us free.
I hear chains falling all around me
From Toco to Mayaro, Chaguaramas to Cedros.
Thank God, Christ the Lord has indeed freed us!