RC Community in Tobago
March 27, 2023
Archbishop to SEA students: “Don’t go anxious”
March 28, 2023

Tuesday March 28th: Believing in Christ: The Path to Eternal Life

“When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will realize that I am he…”

John 8: 21-30

Amidst Jesus’ realization of the Pharisees’ lack of belief in His teachings up to the period preceding His supreme sacrifice- The crucifixion, He warns them, worldly sinners like us, that they will seek him, but would not be able to visit his divine destination. This emphasizes the extreme significance and profound power in truly and constantly believing Jesus is the Son of God, and thus, following Him and his teachings along the path to eternal life.

Indeed, this path is not the smoothest and thus threatens our faith, patience and belief, while provoking our desperation and ego. How often have we hastily sought God’s validation of, and immediate intervention in our poor self-made choices rather than his invaluable counsel and advice in the decision-making process?

As we reflect, let us remember, in a world full of uncertainty, doubt and confusion, to never be deceived nor distracted by false teachings and temptations, but to relentlessly believe and trust in Jesus, while faithfully building our relationship with him; for this belief not only helps us gracefully and humbly navigate life’s challenges, but ultimately fulfils God’s heavenly promise of eternal life.