Sunday March 26th: Let joy live again
March 26, 2023
RC Community in Tobago
March 27, 2023

Monday March 27th: Where are we looking today?

Whey he day? Ah cyant fine he, at all

Luke 2: 41 -51

In Luke’s gospel Jesus is taken twice to Jerusalem to fulfill the Laws and his parents, and every time Mary ponders what is said, in her heart. First when Simeon spoke and then when Jesus spoke.

Mary was an authority figure in the life of Jesus, and she lost him or “he loose her” (according to Trini). For two days they were looking for him in the wrong place, no one could help them.  They found him in the Temple. Isn’t this our situation? Where are we looking for Jesus today? Listen to this:

“Help me find God”

“No one can help you there”

“Why not?”

“For the same reason that no one can help you find the fish in the ocean.”  (Anthony de Mello)

“You were with me, but I was not with you. You were within me, but I was outside.”(St Augustine).

Where are we looking today?  Jesus went home with his family, a village carpenter and his young wife. Maybe we will find him in our family, our community and in the church.