Saturday March 25th: Delight in another’s good news
March 25, 2023
Monday March 27th: Where are we looking today?
March 27, 2023

Sunday March 26th: Let joy live again

“I am the Resurrection. Anyone who believes in me even if that person dies, will live.”

John 11:1-45

There’s a joy in my heart. Deep down-in-my-heart, an everlasting joy. But in the last few years it got badly wounded. Good friends died and I became sad; but sad is not bad and it cannot eliminate my joy.
My joy is not an armour that protects me from sadness; nor anaesthetic that dulls the pain. No, I feel pain. I experience loss and I am broken, I cry my heart out. I grieve for days, until time weaves its magic web around pain…. and make me whole again.
Whole is body and soul together. As long as body and soul are together; held together by the tinniest of thread, I will carry joy. This body and soul, this home of God, me, will never be duplicated. That I must cherish until I am no more.
So let it be; me and my joy; me and my old rugged cross trudging this war-zone hoping that a bullet eh crash into my joy and send me back to my maker. Hoping the Lord would say, like unto Lazarus, “joy come forth, loose the bandage, let joy live again.”