Workshop on composing responsorial psalms
March 24, 2023
Sunday March 26th: Let joy live again
March 26, 2023

Saturday March 25th: Delight in another’s good news

The Annunciation of the Lord

“Rejoice, so highly favoured!”

Luke 1:26-38

My deceased uncle, Faustin, bought lottery tickets weekly and encouraged me to do the same. We would share the tickets. I never won. Perhaps it was because I didn’t buy regularly but he would faithfully send my part. One day, he called excitedly to say that we had won with one portion of the winning ticket. It was not a grand sum but just winning was a delight. He travelled from Woodbrook to my home in San Fernando, to share the joy. Together with my mother, we rejoiced as if it were a million dollars.
When I think of Our Lady getting the news from the angel, I wondered if she was equally delighted. After all, she wasn’t expecting news like that. However, she must have rejoiced because she went in haste to her cousin just as my uncle had hastened to visit me.
Today, as we celebrate this feast, take time to genuinely delight in another’s good news even as you share The Good News!