Thursday March 16th: Rejecting the messenger
March 16, 2023
Losing my religion
March 16, 2023

Her World

By Sheena Sheppard

I’m a mother now

To a little girl,

She’s a real showstopper

And I’m her whole world.


She watches how I eat and how I dress,

She sees me when I’m happy and when I’m in a mess.

I see her eyes studying every move I make,

She’s learning from me when to give, when to take.


How to dress and how to walk

The tones I use when I talk.

Her eyes are on me constantly,

I have to do my best, she’s watching me.


I’m scared some days that I’m not doing it right.

In fact, I pray to God every night,

To guide me well, so I can guide my little girl,

Who looks at me like I’m her whole world.