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Rosary Boys’ RC helps St Rose’s Girls’ RC after school section condemned

Students of St Rose’s Girls’ RC Primary have since settled into their temporary accommodation at Rosary Boys’ RC since a portion of the school building was condemned mid-February this year.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) Sharon Mangroo told Catholic News that the CEBM has been “working closely” with the Ministry of Education (MoE) “on this issue.”

Mangroo said that both the CEBM and the MoE are seeking the “best interest” of the students and staff.

“The Principal and teachers have been very much involved in all decision-making. We are very grateful to the Principal of Rosary Boys’ RC for his generous assistance in providing temporary accommodation,” Mangroo said.

A communique from Alicia Solozano, Quality Assurance Manager, CEBM on St Rose’s Girls’ RC said that teachers and students were happy to be in physical school. Solozano, Mangroo explained, has been in “constant contact” with the Principal.

Solozano reported that Standard Five students resumed classes that week, March 2, on the upper floor of the Northern Wing at St Rose’s RC.

Solozano outlined other updates effective Monday, March 6. Infants resumed classes on the ground floor of the Northern Wing at St Rose’s; Standard Four classes will be held in the Reading Room; Standard Three classes will be held in the Library; Standard One and Two classes will be held on a rotational basis in the Pan Room.

Also, the Principal’s office will be on the ground floor of Rosary Boys’ RC with direct access to the St Rose’s yard, and the girls will continue to use the bathrooms on the St Rose’s compound. Breaks and lunches will be staggered. The cafeteria at Rosary will increase their catering.

Following Solozano’s visit to the school March 6, Solozano shared plans, March 7 on moving an air-conditioning unit from St Rose’s, and getting more fans for their temporary classrooms.

Solozano also reported that the office space is still being prepared. She spoke of other challenges including no covered area for students to wait before/after school if its raining, no space in the crowded classrooms for shelves/cabinets to store materials, and the need to identify space to isolate students who may be ill.

Mangroo reiterated the CEBM will be happy to receive any assistance that will contribute to the comfort of the students and staff in this period e.g. AC unit, fans, or storage space.