Saturday March 11th: The Story of the Forgiving Father
March 11, 2023
Monday March 13th: Trusting the message
March 13, 2023

Sunday March 12th: Woman of Samaria, Woman everywhere

“No one who drinks the water I shall give will ever be thirsty again” …

John 4:5-42

Dear Master, we thank you for that deep encounter at the well. You truly taught us how to love a woman. But do we? We muck up every time. All our relationships slip through our hands like sand in an hourglass.

We who know how to get an eye-full, how to satisfy our ego, how to rack-up notches, how to flam and get ah trophy; teach us now, how to love a woman.

Teach us how to replenish her water-jar without a bucket to draw from a well so deep; without a dipper, without a cup, you fired her imagination to recognise her deeper thirst.

You sat there at Jacob’s well, tired, yet you saw straight through her. You saw her transgressions and she experienced your glory.

Yes. Yes. At Jacob’s well. To feel transparent with no need to hide; to be vulnerable and safe; where her soul cleaves to her body and keeps her purified whatever the weather. Nothing can sully a searching soul; no temporary stain can detract us from the thirst for God.