Lenten youth revival in Carenage
March 8, 2023
Friday March 10th: Real stewardship
March 10, 2023

Thursday March 9th: …Even if

Come to your senses and realise the truth

Luke16: 19-31

The rich man comes to his senses and realises the truth of the teachings he has been exposed to, only when he ends up in Hades and sees that he could have been in the bosom of Abraham. He begs Abraham to send Lazarus, the same one he ignored all his life, to his brothers to warn them of the reality of the consequences of not living a Godly life, not adhering to the precepts laid down in the Old Testament. Abraham says to the rich man that if the brothers are not opening their eyes to what is around them and to God’s Word, then even if someone were to rise from the dead, the brothers would still not believe.

This is an allusion to Jesus’ Resurrection and these words speak to us too – the ones far from the bosom of Abraham; lukewarm to the Word of God and his precepts, laws, and commandments; so hardened by the world that we fail to see the needs of those around us, sometimes those closest to us!