Tuesday March 7th: Greatness is Seen in Love
March 7, 2023
Discerning the authentic
March 8, 2023

Wednesday March 8th: Servant of the people

‘The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.’

Matthew 20: 17-28

In today’s gospel Jesus tells his apostles that in his life there will be crucifixion and death, but that he will rise again. And to those who want a special place in his kingdom he lets them know that it is not so easy; they will have to suffer what he has to suffer.

To be rewarded with life in the kingdom, we must be servants of the people. So often those of us who aspire to high positions, like our politicians and others who desire ordained positions, tell us that they will be ready to be our servant. However, once they have gained that esteemed position, they, like the pagan rulers, make their authority felt. We, however, like Jesus, must suffer the position of servitude.

Father, I pray for the virtue of humility so that I will always serve my neighbours.