Monday March 6th: Love covers a multitude of sins
March 6, 2023
Wednesday March 8th: Servant of the people
March 8, 2023

Tuesday March 7th: Greatness is Seen in Love

‘ They do all their deeds to be seen by others…’

Matthew 23 1-12

Hypocrisy and misuse of authority seem to be prevalent within a lot of institutions today. We see and hear of it within the government, in the workplace and even in our households. The question is, how do I respond and react to the hypocrisy facing me everywhere? In today’s gospel passage Jesus speaks out against the pretenders; he shines light on the religious leaders and their double standards.

Jesus invites us to become more discerning, to become cognisant of falsehood not just towards our neighbour but also to take a look at the man in the mirror. It is easy to see the hypocrisy of others, particularly of those in authority, but we need to be constantly vigilant about our own deceptions, the small lies we tell. How can we transform ourselves to live transparently in the truth?

Heavenly Father, give me eyes to recognise the Pharisee within my own self. Fill my heart with love that I may seek servant-like humility rather than attention.