Sunday March 5th: The Power and Presence of God
March 5, 2023
Tuesday March 7th: Greatness is Seen in Love
March 7, 2023

Monday March 6th: Love covers a multitude of sins

“ …the standard use will be the standard used for you.”

Luke 6: 36-38

At first glance this reading appears to be a ‘tit for tat’, but the invitation of Christ is one of love. While on this earth, Jesus’ every word, every action and every example was love-all the way to Calvary. He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world by His sacrificial love on the cross.
Jesus invites us to follow in His footsteps – love and sacrifice; to unite our sufferings to Christ; to unite our love offerings to His, so that they can be magnified and acceptable to the Father.
Jesus, who can never be outdone in generosity, will most certainly bless us abundantly more than we can imagine or deserve. Yet our motive must simply be to love without counting the cost, for we can never atone for our sins.
Lord Jesus, give us the grace to love as You have called us to love, pleading on the cross – I thirst!