Exercising Christian hope in challenging times
March 1, 2023
Friday March 3rd: Deepening virtue
March 3, 2023

Thursday March 2nd: Seek, knock and ask

“For everyone who asks receives”

Matthew 7:7-12

This is a very familiar Bible passage. Verse 12, ‘Do to others what you would have them do to you,’ appeals to me. It seems that we are being told that in as much as we reach out to others we will receive.
Jesus is letting us know that He is there for us always, and we have to be persistent. However, we need to reach out and help others. At times we are hesitant because we wonder if they really need the help. We ought not to pass judgment but believe and trust we are doing the right thing.
In much the same way when we reach out to Jesus for help, He knows our hearts, and always lives up to His Word in spite of our sinfulness. But we must also bear in mind that He responds in His own timing and manner.
Let us pray that during this Lent He would show us how to be persistent as we pray and fast but most of all that we improve our almsgiving.