Wednesday February 22nd: Conversion in our relationship with God, self and others
February 22, 2023
Calm down, not lockdown
February 23, 2023

Thursday February 23rd: Lose our lives for His sake

“Anyone who wants to save his life will lose it.”

Luke 9:22-25

Are our lives lost? Though we can easily approach this question with a negative mindset, we interestingly see Jesus calling us to lose our lives; to lose our lives for Him. But what does it mean to be lost? Without overthinking it, if something is lost, it simply means that it cannot be found.
So, what then is it that should not ‘find’ us? Jesus is saying that for us to lose our lives for His sake, Envy must never find us, Greed and Pride must never find us. All the sins that are egocentric; all the actions whereby we focus on ourselves to the detriment of our fellow brothers and sisters must not find us. Jesus is asking us not to ‘find ourselves’ in this way, but rather lose ourselves in Him so that we can be raised to a new life in Him.
Let us pray for the fortitude to pick up our cross daily even when it seems too heavy to carry.
Jesus, give us strength. Amen