Monday February 20th: Take Pity, Lord
February 20, 2023
Wednesday February 22nd: Conversion in our relationship with God, self and others
February 22, 2023

Tuesday February 21st: We must decrease so that Christ will increase in us

“If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all.”

Mark 9:30-37

The world’s view of success and happiness is very different from success and happiness from the point of view of the Kingdom. Today, Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad and Tobago, can lead us to think about life. Is it just about a material kind of enjoyment and depending on people to admire us because of our achievements and position in society or is it about how we serve others?

Faith cannot be attained by human effort only, but it is a gift from God and we must dispose ourselves to tending the mustard seed of faith. To do so we must will ourselves to being a servant of others. Humility is needed for growth in faith.

Today Lord, we dispose ourselves to you, asking for an increase in the gift of faith; and so we pray that we may serve with humility. Amen.