Friday February 17th: Taking up one’s cross
February 17, 2023
Sunday February 19th: God does not withhold his love
February 19, 2023

Saturday February 18th: In His Footsteps

On this journey we are invited to embrace the path of Jesus.

Mark 9:2-13

We are invited, as Jesus took His inner circle up the mountain, to embrace the truth experienced in our daily lives. This climb symbolizes the struggle and the cross of our christian journey.
On this journey we are invited to embrace the path of Jesus and like him we will be transfigured; when our redemption is completed in the Resurrection of the body.
He was encouraging his disciples as he is encouraging us now. Our lives belong to him and as we journey our transformation takes place. Hence the words, “Listen to Him, My Son the beloved.” We are his beloved called to follow the Transfigured One.
As we reflect on the transfigured Jesus, let us seek to grow more into his image and likeness. As we climb with Jesus, we find that prayer, commitment, solitude and isolation are all part of The Journey.
Let us draw strength as we respond to his invitation. He is revealing glimpses of the glory to come as we choose Him in our daily lives!