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February 15, 2023
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February 15, 2023

Father of Holy Cross’ remembered as Holy Cross College celebrates 65 years

The heights of Calvary Hill, Arima resounded with the joyous sounds of prayer and music as Holy Cross College commemorated its 65th anniversary as a college with a concelebrated Holy Mass on Wednesday, February 8, in our new school auditorium.

Processing to the altar was a formidable array of local priests of the Dominican Order, most with deep associations with our college: Frs Ferdinand Warner, Matthew Ahye, Urban Hudlin, Alan Mohammed, Dwight Black and our very special guest, the Prior Provincial of the Irish Province of the Dominicans, Fr John Harris. Our chief celebrant and homilist was none other than our illustrious alumnus, Archbishop Emeritus Robert Rivas OP.

The congregation of students, staff, specially invited guests were treated to the solemn procession of the school colours and national flag by our Cadets, and a liturgy carefully planned by the school’s Pastoral Committee that saw readings, prayers, and singing proudly rendered by the gentlemen of the Holy Cross.

In his well-received sermon, Archbishop Rivas gave an engaging heartfelt tribute to the Irish Dominican Fathers who conceptualised the reality of a Catholic secondary education for the young men of Arima and environs 65 years ago, and served us in large numbers hence. Special reference was made to Fr Edward Foley, the ‘Father of Holy Cross’, who he eulogised with an emotional video presentation that immortalised the selfless decades of dedication of that great servant of the Lord to our humble school.

With touching humility, Archbishop Rivas related the profound influence of Fr Foley on his life as student and priest, calling upon our student population to consider similar selfless vocations in the Dominican Order.

Provincial Fr Harris could not hide his elation in being in our presence, as he encouraged the dedication of our boys to the simple tenet and motto of the Dominicans, ‘Veritas’, while jovially regretting he could not celebrate Carnival with us.

After Communion, Archbishop Rivas presented specially chosen individuals with copies of his book How Beautiful the Valley just before we concluded the liturgy with the most enthusiastic rendition of our school song by students and staff that shook the steel beams of our school hall to their foundation.

The Mass concluded, the entire student body was treated to light refreshments courtesy the staff of the College, while the specially invited guests mingled freely with our students and staff as we all talked, laughed, reminisced and shared experiences recalling the profoundly influential presence of our Dominical Fathers at Holy Cross College for the past 65 years. —Holy Cross College