Sunday February 12th: The Fulfilment of the Law
February 12, 2023
Tuesday February 14th: What’s working in the background?
February 14, 2023

Monday February 13th: Faith in action

He sighed deeply and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to it.”

Mark 8:11-13

Today’s Gospel reading tells us of Jesus’ exasperation with the Pharisees and their followers’ request for a sign from heaven. Jesus had just fed 4,000 with a few loaves and fish, a sign for anyone who had eyes to see. Yet they still asked for a sign from heaven. He had come to realize their hardness of heart and refusal to see and believe.

So often we are like the Pharisees refusing to see and believe the signs which occur regularly in our lives. When, like them, we respond – show us a sign from heaven, we refuse to believe the miracles in our lives.

Today Jesus shows us the power of faith in action. He feeds the 4,000 with just a few loaves and fish, demonstrating that with faith, we can do what we believe impossible; and that God is able to provide all our needs. If we only believe the signs that take place, we too, can have faith in God’s provision and trust that he will always meet our needs, no matter how great.