Know Your Faith: Evidence of synod themes in the Bible
February 3, 2023
Sunday February 5th: Living with purpose
February 5, 2023

Saturday February 4th: Rest a while

Jesus must have been a psychologist!

Mark 6: 30 – 34

So listen to Jesus and rest a while
Today we hear from mental health professionals of the need for self care but many of us believe we are too busy “to take dem on.”
Today’s Gospel passage tells us, JESUS, Himself told his apostles to rest! The apostles were on the go working miracles and preaching, and yet Jesus told them to “take a break”.
We are blessed here in our nation to have facilities which can provide much needed rest. There are Retreat Centres where we can go to get away for a day or even longer. Emmaus Centre, Arima; St. Joseph’s Convent Retreat Centre, Tobago; and Catherine’s Well, Gran Couva to name a few.
These three Centres are run by Religious Sisters who are unobtrusive but extremely helpful if you need anything. There are air-conditioned rooms with en suite facilities on beautiful grounds and delicious meals are optional.
So, we should listen to Jesus and “rest for a while”.