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February 1, 2023
Be all things to all people
February 2, 2023

Thursday February 2nd: A light of revelation for all peoples

My eyes have seen thy salvation

Luke 2:22-40

Happy feast day to the Presentation Brothers!
When we consider the Presentation of the Lord in the temple there are many themes that can come to mind.
The first one that strikes me is the willingness of Joseph and Mary to follow the Law of Moses by taking their first born to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord. Encountering Simeon must have touched them by his words and also by him being just and devout. When Simeon therefore took Jesus into his arms, and blessed God, he was prepared to return to his maker.
Simeon confessed that his eyes have seen the salvation. He had experienced God in a direct way. As we celebrate this feast today let us reflect on what happened and seek to live with the Lord daily. We must be prepared to open our eyes to see and to welcome Him in all things so that we will be witnesses and lights so that others will experience Him.