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February 2, 2023
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February 2, 2023

Be ignited by the flame

St Dominic’s Penal RC School 60th Anniversary

On Tuesday, January 22, 1963, the first students and teachers of St Dominic’s Penal RC made a step into the best chapter of their lives and ignited the flame of Catholic education in the Penal community.

Fast forward to 60 years later on Friday, January 20, 2023 when the institution celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a dynamic procession at the Penal Community Centre where part of the school is decanted.

The procession was led by powerful percussion and trumpets of the Penal Cadet Force and graceful dance group consisting of past pupils of St Dominic’s Penal RC school.

The celebration continued with Holy Mass by Archbishop Jason Gordon, Fr Robert Christo, Fr Alan Hall and visiting deacons. Representative from the Ministry of Education, School Supervisor 1, Jacqueline Warner-Murphy and the Chief Executive Officer of the Catholic Education Board of Management, Sharon Mangroo, were also present to commemorate the school’s tremendous history and offer their well wishes.

It was a time to reflect on the school’s past and those that have helped to mould and shape the minds of our young people. They acknowledged the community members, both past and present, who have influenced the character and values that embody the vibrant and engaging environment we see today.

It was an opportunity to laugh, cry, reminisce and praise the memories of this wonderful school.

Lynn Moodie, Principal

While attending the event, Archbishop Gordon highlighted the value and importance of a Catholic school in his homily. “The Church has a responsibility to assist the parents in educating their children according to the faith and values that they hold.”

Together with the Principal, Lynn Moodie, teachers, students and with over 400 guests attending Holy Mass and staying to participate in the festivities of the day, it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible learning environment and connected community that has developed. Continue to ignite the flame of resilience, St Dominic’s Penal RC!

—Diana Richards, teacher