Maracas Valley church leaders unite to discuss community issues
January 30, 2023
Wednesday February 1st: Brokenness
February 1, 2023

Tuesday January 31st: Just a touch

“Jesus continued to look all around to see who had touched him.”

Mark 5: 21-43

In her time, custom decreed that she live a life of isolation, away from public spaces and places of worship, excluded from interaction until such time that this twelve year old disease, this “issue”, now plaguing her life, should go away.

Financial resources drained, and at a point of desperation she finds herself propelled by faith amidst the crowd, pressing in on the One who by a word or touch could heal. Just a touch. Could she touch…even his garment and be healed? And so, just a touch, just that encounter, did it!

Consider those today on the periphery, or even some in the pews at church, who, because of an “issue,” find themselves isolated, excluded. In desperation, how they yearn for that encounter which would make such a difference for them!

As they press in on us during this synodal walk let us be aware of their touch and respond as Jesus did. From us, just a touch….a touch of hospitality, inclusivity, a sense of community, some dialogue could bring an end to the dis-ease they experience.