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January 26, 2023
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January 26, 2023

CFC celebrates silver jubilee, challenged to move forward

By Aliyah Maynard

CFC Singles for Christ

Sunday, January 22, 2023, was no ordinary day for Couples for Christ (CFC) Trinidad and Tobago, but one that marked 25 years of service towards the building up of family life in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain.

The day’s proceedings began with warm greetings from our Head Coordinators, ‘Uncle Mark’ and ‘Aunty Wendy’ (Mark and Wendy Poon Tip). Uncle Mark expressed that we ought to live out the CFC global theme for 2023, “Christ Heals! Rise, Pick Up Your Mat and Go” taken from Mark 2:10–11.

Uncle Mark urged that as CFC members, our mission, when we are healed, is to pick up our mats and move. Move in service and action, taking the Gospel to others.

Our Youth Coordinators and members of the National Council, ‘Uncle Earl’ and ‘Aunty Ann’ (Earl and Ann Taylor) were then invited to officially welcome our new members who joined the CFC ministry during the virtual Christian Life Programmes held during the Covid-19 pandemic. Members were also urged to not only celebrate but recommit to the cause of working in the vineyard.

Our vibrant and moving music ministry then warmed us up in preparation for Mass with praise and worship, as we eagerly awaited its start.

There was first the enthronement of the Bible followed by Holy Mass with chief celebrant Archbishop Jason Gordon along with Archbishop Emeritus Robert Rivas OP, CFC’s recently appointed Spiritual Director.

In his homily, Archbishop Gordon urged us to make Jesus a priority in our life. We were reminded that the pandemic gave us an opportunity to recommit to our first vocation in life – whether married or single.

We were then invited to share with the person next to us how we became a member of CFC. The room was filled with the buzz of members sharing their stories of how they first heard and answered the call.

Concluding his homily, Archbishop Gordon left members with something to ponder, saying “real spiritual progress happens with an increase in faith and devotion”.

After Mass, some of the stalwarts and founders of CFC were presented with tokens of appreciation.

A fond moment for me was during lunch, as I was able to sit with the children and share a meal. I realised how much these precious children have grown since the last time we were able to gather as a group.

After lunch, we reconvened with praise and worship in preparation for the feature address by Archbishop Rivas, who said he was on fire and hoped we were ready to be the heat. Members were encouraged to be healers in this land and to ask God to forgive our sins and to forgive others.

He encouraged us to know from where our spiritual nourishment was coming, and to get “fat” on the Word of God. We were asked to reflect on our dream for CFC and if our dream included being part of the Church and the local Archdiocese.

Archbishop Rivas emphasised that our youth ministry is critical to the growth and survival of CFC. His dream is to see many vocations to the priesthood and religious life coming out of the CFC ministry.

The day concluded with a presentation to Uncle Mark and Aunty Wendy for their commitment and service.

Couples for Christ will always be a Ministry dear to my heart. It was the first place where I felt settled and that I belonged. However, while I cannot participate in activities as much as I used to, my heart will always be with CFC.

Happy anniversary, CFC and may the spark set 25 years ago continue to blaze.