Tuesday January 24th: Be doers.
January 24, 2023
St Gabriel’s Girls’ RC beaming over 3rd place Junior Panorama finish
January 25, 2023

Wednesday January 25th: As people of faith

The Conversion of St Paul

How well do we follow our assignment?

Mark 16:15-18

Wow! Is the opening prayer in today’s Liturgy touching you? “…We who celebrate his (Paul) conversion to the faith follow him in bearing witness to your truth.” Ponder the First Reading and the Gospel, a reminder that like Paul, we are to do what we are appointed to do (Acts 22:10) as people of faith.
How well do we follow our assignment? Are we bringing His word to everyone regardless? Jesus says to go out to the whole world. We do this right where we are and not necessarily to some far off land. “Right here.” as Denise Plummer sang. Let’s take a second look. One example is how well do we proclaim the word at Mass to encourage others to listen…really listen. The little ones, the teenagers, the young adult, the elderly all need to be singled out. It’s always a joy to hear the homilist refer to all ages. How do you feel if you go to a party and the host only pays positive attention to certain people? Let us all think on it.