Sunday January 22nd: Called to serve
January 22, 2023
Tuesday January 24th: Be doers.
January 24, 2023

Monday January 23rd: A house divided

People who take a stand for justice, integrity, anti-corruption…are often deemed troublemakers

Mark 3:22-30

Many years ago, a simple farmer from Dominica, practicing organic/biological methods of farming, visited Trinidad to share his knowledge as a viable option to farming methods that used chemicals. Some at the University scoffed at him saying that this type of farming could not feed the world and was not commercially viable. Like the scribes and Pharisees they could not admit this simple farmer, whose healthy produce was demanded by customers, was doing good and meaningful agriculture worthy of fostering.
Like many visionaries who offer alternative ways of seeing and being in the world, they are often ridiculed and accused of destabilizing the status quo. People who take a stand for justice, integrity, anti-corruption and speak out against injustice and oppressive behaviours are often deemed troublemakers – in the workplace, in the parish church, in society, especially when the unjust actions of ‘legitimate leaders’, who are guilty of such acts, are questioned. The “troublemakers” are maligned and called anti-management, witches, Beelzebub and Terrorists, destabilizers. In the church they are sidelined and alienated.
Jesus, we thank you for your wisdom teaching that a house divided against itself, cannot stand.